What can i do with a minor in creative writing -

What Can I Do With A Minor In Creative Writing

Students with questions about the Writing majors, how to declare a major, or how its requirements can be fulfilled, should make an appointment with any of following individuals Please visit the Humanities Academic Services Center to discuss a minor and your options for courses, as well as English-related internships, potential careers or other post-graduation plans, or areas of focus within your minor, such as language & rhetoric, expository or creative writing, genre studies, historical literary periods, literary theory & criticism, cultural studies, multicultural literature, literary modernism/postmodernism, gender studies, etc For students taking majors outside of English, a minor in Creative Writing is also offered, featuring tracks in prose and poetry. While there’s no degree attached to this, what can i do with a minor in creative writing it functions as a writer-in-residence. The Stegner Fellowship is a major offered by the Creative Writing Program, accepting five fiction and five poetry fellows per year. The Program in Writing offers introductory writing as well as advanced coursework in the areas of Creative Writing, Nonfiction Writing, and Science Writing. Completion of both programs requires 51 credits.) This course is required:. The Creative Writing Minor (18 credits) A student must complete 18 credits of English writing courses, with a 3-course concentration in one of the tracks.

And I think it sometimes surprises Creative Writing majors to know that their skills and degrees can be put to good and lucrative use in ways that don't involve either: 1. Can you do not need that require what can i do with a minor in creative writing a degree at iu. Medical Regulatory writing is more factual, but consumer medical/health writing can give you the chance to be creative and factual at the same time. being an English professor. Technical writer/editor. The creative writing minor will complete the minor in creative writing minor courses.

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